Welcome to our family.

Blended since 2015, our family has been through many seasons. From planting seeds in the garden and in our children’s hearts, to pulling up the weeds that tried to choke them out.

Through the wisdom of many gardeners I’ve been following for the last few years, I’ve learned to look at my life as a garden. Always growing, always changing.

Every season yields different fruit, but if you continue to nurture and guide the garden, the fruit will be bigger, better, sweeter, stronger. Such is life, I have learned.

We have just begun our adventures on this homestead, and through this website and blog and our YouTube Channel, my prayer is that we will be able to guide you through our garden and homestead, sharing our experience and encouraging you every step of the way.

Whether your homestead looks like a couple of 4x4 raised garden beds outside your door, or a big piece of land with flocks and herds galore, I hope you will become a part of our journey because this garden, this life, this adventure… is truly better together.

-The Duttons